Sorry for the delay of the monthly read, my tablet broke down, so I will do a rest of June read.

The deck I am using is Flower Therapy Oracle by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves.  In the picture below, you have to concentrate on a question you want the cards to answer, which card(s) are calling to you when looking at the pic below, and look up the meaning for you.


Hampton Court (Left) Chelsea (Middle) Kew Gardens (Right)


Hampton Court

Raise your vibration ~ Frangpani / Plumeria



If you chose Hampton Court, your card us Raise your Vibration.  The remainder of June is all about trusting your intuition.

The flower is white and yellow, but, sometimes is can have pink in it.  The white in this gorg flower refers to pure spiritual light and energy coming through the crown chakra.  The yellow refers to the solar plexus, which is the energy of manifestation.  Pink is the spiritual heart chakra.

June is all about becoming more in touch with your inner voice, it has been neglected for so long, it’s time to reconnect via meditations, yoga, etc.


Reach For the Stars ~ Orchid


So far, that’s both cards in June referring to listening to your heart.  This time, we have a gorg cerise / magenta colour, which is the colour of a higher chakra.  Use this energy, that the universe is showing to you now.  Listen to your own inner wisdom, for it knows the path.

Cerise / Magenta chakra information ~ taken from click me

This chakra is the 8th chakra, it is known as the Ankh chakra.  As it has the red energy of the root chakra, and the violet, which is the crown chakra.  This is said to be the alpha (the beginning) and the omega (the end).  This card has some powerful energy opening up for you, have fun!

Kew Gardens

New Ideas ~ Crab Apple


White and pink seems to be the energies / colours for June.  This time, we have the more direct energy through the crown and heart.  This could be the message you have been waiting for!!!

June Roundup

The rest of June is focusing in different ways this energy is coming through, i.e. it is a universe download.  This has some perhaps the information that you need at this time, or will be stored for when it is needed,

Everyone reading this months wisdom will have various mixtures of the aspects of all these cards this month.

Have fun!